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Need some ideas for your MASH game answers? Keep reading…

What will you major in at college?

After choosing a college, your next step is to decide what you want to study. There are so many choices! How will you ever decide? Take a look at our top 10 college majors that will set you up for success or, at the least, will make you a more interesting person!

  1. Computer Software Engineering

    Do you love apps, especially MASH?! Consider a computer science degree, one of the fastest growing fields around, you can’t go wrong learning how to develop programs for your employer or maybe make an app of your own one day!

  2. Education

    Can you think of your favorite teacher? Maybe it was in Elementary, Junior High or High School? A good teacher makes a world of difference. Excellent teachers are always in high demand. Let your love of learning and sharing your passion spur you on to a degree in education!

  3. Nursing

    Are you a compassionate individual? Can you stand the sight of blood and broken bones? As a nurse, you can work in a hospital, doctor’s office, even abroad as a relief worker. The boundaries are limitless when it comes to a health care profession!

  4. Psychology

    Does the human brain fascinate you? Do you wonder why people behave the way they do, or even why you do what you do? While delving into the world of psychology, you will discover how the brain and body communicate and how to educate others on developing a healthy sense of self.

  5. Business

    Although a business degree is very popular, it can hone your skills in many areas: leadership, administration, management. The possibilities are endless when it comes to what you can do with a business degree. Who knows, maybe you will start your own business some day?

  6. Mechanical Engineering

    Do you love to design, create, and build? Do you see something broken and have an urge to fix it? A mechanical engineering degree prepares you for many different areas of engineering. So, get studying, designing, developing, and testing, you could create the next big thing!

  7. Aerospace Engineering

    Maybe when you were a kid you dreamed of flying an airplane? Or maybe you just made paper airplanes. Either way, as an aerospace engineer you design aircraft, spacecraft, satellites and possibly even missiles. Another important part of your job is to evaluate product designs to make sure they meet engineering standards and will keep everyone safe. It’s a big job that someone needs to do, so why not you?

  8. Biomedical Engineering

    Does science fiction fascinate you? Make it a reality by becoming a biomedical engineer where you can develop artificial organs and devices that replace body parts. You will study tissue and cell engineering. Merge your passion of biology and engineering and enter this emerging field of science.

  9. Communications

    Are you always on social media? Do you love to get a message across? The art of communicating will get you ahead in the world. Gain skill and expertise and bring it into the fields of journalism, administration, human resources and even politics. The options are endless for those who are at the top of their communication game.

  10. Actuarial Mathematics

    Math fanatics this is for you. A high-paying, lucrative field, a degree in actuarial mathematics will prepare you to assess risk across many industries, especially the insurance field. It is a rigorous discipline, but for those of you who love numbers and analysis this will certainly be right up your alley.

Playing MASH without a pen and paper

Did you know you can play MASH without a pen and paper? If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device (even a Mac or Windows computer), you can play our MASH app!

Our MASH app is a digital update to the classic pen and paper game. Save trees and pens! You can play the free version of the MASH app which comes with more than twice as many categories as the classic paper game.

MASH is available to download for the following platforms:

Play MASH Online Free

You can also play MASH online for free in your browser! Click here!

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