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Need some ideas for your MASH game answers? Keep reading…

Where will you go on your honeymoon?

You’ve already planned the wedding of your dreams, but now, where to go for the honeymoon? Should it be tropical? exotic? cultural? Ocean-side? Mountain filled? There are so many choices and when you play MASH, none of them are wrong! Take a look at our list of five honeymoon possibilities, remember there isn’t a bad choice and now that you’re married, you have a lifetime to make memories together. Bon Voyage!

Hawaii - Road to Hana

Road to Hana. Photo by Paul Bica. CC license.

  1. Hawaii

    Who doesn’t dream of white sands, crystal blue waters and sipping coconut water from the shell. You can relax by the ocean, hike in the mountains, dance at a luau. Hawaii is perfect all year round, so it doesn't matter when your honeymoon falls, Paradise awaits.

  2. Paris

    Culture, history, romance, croissants. Paris has it all. Wake up and enjoy a cafe creme and croissant at your neighborhood cafe. Stroll the Left Bank hand-in-hand. Admire the breathtaking artwork at the Louvre. Steal a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Paris is the city of love and Paris is always a good idea.

  3. Maine

    If you are looking for a quiet, quaint romantic retreat with a throwback to a bygone era, and views of the rocky coast, Maine is calling your name. Opt for a cozy Bed and Breakfast and enjoy fresh Maine blueberry muffins with a steaming mug of coffee before you head out to go whale watching. Slow down and savor the offerings of the Eastern Seaboard.

  4. Costa Rica

    Volcanoes, sandy beaches, juicy tropical fruit, Costa Rica is sure to please the adventurous couple who loves nature and unique experiences. Start out your life together zip lining through the rain forest or spotting sea turtles on a nocturnal excursion with a private guide. No matter which activities you choose, the beauty of Costa Rica will ignite your passion for nature and each other. Pura Vida!

  5. Tennessee

    If you are in the Midwest and looking for a romantic honeymoon that doesn’t require a plane ticket, then head to the Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and rent a romantic cabin in the forest complete with a personal outdoor jacuzzi. Snuggle together by the fireplace and begin your forever in the quiet solitude of the Tennessee mountains.

Playing MASH without a pen and paper

Did you know you can play MASH without a pen and paper? If you have an iPad, iPhone, or Android device (even a Mac or Windows computer), you can play our MASH app!

Our MASH app is a digital update to the classic pen and paper game. Save trees and pens! You can play the free version of the MASH app which comes with more than twice as many categories as the classic paper game.

MASH is available to download for the following platforms:

Play MASH Online Free

You can also play MASH online for free in your browser! Click here!

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